Peace of Mind Preventative Maintenance Agreement

We offer a service program for our preferred customers. During the spring and summer seasons we will call you for an appointment to service your centra lair conditioning unit. We will oil motors, clean condenser coils, check Freon pressures, inspect electrical connections for obvious signs of overheating and where possible flush drain lines.

In the same service year, during the fall and winter seasons, we will call you for an appointment to service and inspect your central heater. We will clean heat exchangers where applicable, test safety switches, inspect flame for proper combustion and check general operation.

Any Freon or parts used cost extra. This agreement is not a guarantee that your unit will not break after we service it, but rather a routine maintenance to hopefully keep your unit working at peak operating efficiency, and possibly detect major problems early.

You must be available to schedule maintenance service calls between 8:30AM and 3:30PM, Monday – Friday. The Office will make three (3) attempts to contact you for scheduling, after that it will be up to you to call and schedule a date and time for service.